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Mūsų kodas: P6814

Telefono laikiklis SHAD 130x90 mm X0SG10M ant veidrodžio 4,3"

Mirror holder for smartphone 4,3" Daugiau informacijos
49.00 € (Sutaupai 7.36 €)
41.64 € Su PVM
34.41 € be PVM
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Telefono laikiklis SHAD 130x90 mm X0SG10M ant veidrodžio 4,3"
41.64 €
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Universal Waterproof Smartphone holder for motorcycles. A perfect accessory for bikers that enjoy long trips or just going around the city. 

Your Smartphone is carried in an extremely sturdy, practical case whose interior is lined with knock-proof material. Depending on the version, the holder can be fixed to the handlebar or to the mirror simply and quickly, thanks to a practical, adjustable bracket. Since the base can be rotated 360°, you can position the screen at the visual angle that is just right for you. The waterproof case and zips enable the case to be used in any weather, and your touch screen display is completely functional through the special crystal film window.

It offers the maximum protection for the Smartphone, as it includes a safety strap. Mounting it is easy and fast. Available in different sizes: 

  • 3,8"(7x12cm
  • 4,3"(8X14cm)
  • 5.5"(9x16cm)


  • Fitting Bracket INCLUDED: Check your version (handlebar or mirror)
  • Waterproof case and zip
  • Quick assembly: easy mounting and dismounting
  • Maximum impact protection: 
  • Extra safety strap
  • Knock-proof guard
  • Adjustable internal shims
  • Cristal film for touch screens
  • 360º Rotation: vertical-horizontal screen adjustable angulation

PDF Catalogue holders for smartphones, GPS SHAD

Prodiuseris SHAD
Dimensions 9x13 cm
Water resistant zip YES
Touch screen YES
Cable outlet YES
Security strap YES
Mirror Bracket YES
Mūsų kodas: P6814
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