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Hand cover. Quick and easy fitting, adaptable to a majority motorcycles. Daugiau informacijos
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Ranku apsaugos nuo lietaus SHAD X0SR00
58.98 €
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Water resistant hand muffs made in synthetic leather and neoprene, with reflective elements for greater safety. The inside with thermal lining allows a better retain of heat, keeping your hands warm.
Quick and easy fitting that fits all types of handlebars with bar end weights.


  •  EASE OF USE: quick mounting and access to controls.
  •  RESISTANCE: made in synthetic leather.
  •  DURABILITY: UV protection.
  •  HIGH VISIBILITY: reflective parts.
  •  IMPERMEABILITY: waterproof coating.
  •  WARMTH: fur lining.
  •  UNIVERSAL: adaptable to a majority of motorcycles.
  •  QUICK FASTENING: with pressure fasteners to close and keep warmth.
  •  EASY CARRY: backpack bag included.


  • Dimensions: 50x260x365cm
  • Fabrics: synthetic leather, neoprene, polyester lining.
Prodiuseris SHAD
Atšvaitas YES
Waterproof YES
Ease of use YES
Quick fitting YES
Warmth - Fur lining YES
Use Adapt to a majority motorcycles
Mūsų kodas: P7153
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