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Mūsų kodas: P7210

Centrinė daiktadėžė su spalvotu dangteliu SHAD SH33, baltos spalvos

SH33 is compact case, with capacity for full face helmet and gloves. Backrest, brake light and colour covers available as accessory. Plate included. Daugiau informacijos
121.33 € Su PVM
100.27 € be PVM
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Centrinė daiktadėžė su spalvotu dangteliu SHAD SH33, baltos spalvos
121.33 €
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Aprašymas ir parametrai

Case with capacity for one full face helmet and accessories


The SH33 is a compact and practical top case, made with high-quality reinforced polypropylene and with capacity to hold a modular helmet and gloves. With curved shapes and smoked reflector, it's a basic model of SHAD's range. It has the perfect size, as it can be adapted both to scooters and to low displacement motorcycles. With no pins between the hinges and a semi-circular curve in the back of the case, it offers more comfort and ergonomics for the second passenger.

It has the Press Lock System, a simple and hermetic pressure lock system. As all the SHAD motorcycle top cases, it can be open and closed with only one hand, without the need to use the key to open it. We will only use the key when we want to lock it to the motorcycle. It has a slit that takes the role of ergonomic handle to make it easier to carry.

If you are one of those that take design a step forward, you will enjoy the possibility to choose between the different cover colours available; or the tintable option for you to customize it to your own taste.

As optional accessories, we offer the backrest and braking light. The backrest (D0RI40) offers more comfort for the passenger, as well as giving a unique style to the whole bike. The braking light (D0B29KL) is made with energy-saving leds and is very easy to install, as it fits in the lower part of the top case’s base. This increases security, as the bike is more visible from behind.

As the rest of the SHAD motorcycle top cases (except for TR48/TR37), it includes the plate and the screws kit.



Up-to-date SHAD online catalogue - click here

Up-to-date SHAD online catalogue - click here

Prodiuseris SHAD
Dimensions 42x43x31 cm
Color , baltos spalvos
Maximum load 3kg
Real capacity 33 liters
Secure lock system YES
Plate included YES
SHAD change colour system YES
1 integral helmet YES
Mūsų kodas: P7210
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