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Motociklo stovas POLISPORT, oranžinės spalvos

Bike Stand foldable orange Daugiau informacijos
75.30 € Su PVM
62.23 € be PVM
Yra centriniame sandėlyje, pristatymas 5-7 dienos., tavo vietoje 04.11.
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Motociklo stovas POLISPORT, oranžinės spalvos
75.30 €
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Since Polisport’s foldable bike stand was launched, it has been featured and reviewed by industry publications all over the world, it has been used by many professional team and it is also the FIM Motocross World Championship Official Podium Bike Stand. A place it deserves for being a champion. The reasons for this success are quite clear. No other bike stand offers such a package of lightness, practicality and strength. Garages became roomier, vans and trailers grew to be larger and pits were made prettier. 


  • Patented
  • Up to 250kg
  • Folding design
  • Bi-material: polypropylene and rubber
  • Injection molded rubber 
  • High resistance design
  • No tools required
  • Space saving
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • FIM Motocross World Championship Official Podium Bike Stand
  • Decoration: Polisport painted and raised logo
  • Weight: 4300 gr
  • Open size: 300mm x 420mm x 450mm

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Mūsų kodas: P10540

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